[Photo Gallery] The Buzzcocks – Fonda Music Box Theater 2006

    In 2006 I had a new Canon EOS consumer grade camera. I can no longer recall the model number. It was a good camera for a N00b. At the time, I had visions of becoming a famous rock photographer and after years of shooting small gigs for my online webzine, I was ready for the big time. Somehow, don’t ask me how, I managed to get entrance (and permission) to shoot The Buzzcocks at The Fonda Theater (AKA The Music Box) in Los Angeles. I went by myself, little camera in tow, and got into the press pit. I basically looked and felt like a rookie reporter for a teen…

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    Infusio – 8 Months Later

    I have not been able to do an update in the past 5 months regarding my stem cell treatment. Not because I’m living a great life and just haven’t had the time in between skydiving and water skiing. It’s because I just didn’t want to share so-so news. I suppose it’s time.

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    Music Playlist: Alternative 1978

    There are many years that can qualify as the greatest years in music ever. I like 1978 for a lot of reasons. It was 2 years from the official start of punk and many of the original UK and West Coast bands were on their second studio albums. Punk was no longer exclusive to the streets, it was becoming polished. Saturday Night Fever was in theaters announcing the mainstream acceptance of disco. Studio 54 was in the middle of its 70s bacchanalian heydey. In 1978, David Bowie was on his Isolar II World Tour and was no longer The Thin White Duke. TV shows like Dallas, The Incredible Hulk, Battlestar…

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    Infusio – What to Expect

    I went into Infusio with almost no knowledge of what they did or how they did it. It was hard to find an exact day to day list of therapies, moods, or what to expect. This is all based on my experience. Start here, if you haven’t already read the old posts.

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    Infusio Days 9 and 10

    Note: I have tons of pics from days 9 & 10, but just haven’t had the energy to sort them and get them web-ready. I’ll add them at a later date. Until then, use your mind pictures. As always, if you have questions, comment below. I’m writing this a little over two weeks after my time at Infusio (and posting a month later). On Day 10, I had the most amazing burst of energy I’ve had in years! I felt normal, better than normal. I was in a GREAT mood and I could have done anything! But then I crashed. Hard.