[Short Story] Wash & Wax


Justin sat in the car wash waiting room with his laptop and a half drunk soy latte. He had on a Cure t-shirt with the sleeves sewn back, a telltale sign he’d bought it at some hip fashion store and not a dingy punk rock store on Melrose Avenue. The stitching made it look new. It was new and he’d loved The Cure since the 8th grade, but the girlish cut and those goddamn sewn up sleeves made him look like a guy who didn’t love The Cure. He was sure someone would notice.

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[Short Story] That Time We Played Spin The Bottle

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THAT TIME WE PLAYED SPIN THE BOTTLE is a short story vignette from the novel (yet unnamed) and takes place in 1985, seven years before the main story takes place. It involves Tony, Ryan, Jed, and Karen (2 Goths, a nerd, and a punk) in high-school and details the full events of a conversation mentioned briefly in the main book. Told from Tony’s perspective, this is what really happened during a game of spin the bottle.

In this story, four friends in 1980’s suburbia, find themselves hanging out with nothing to do. When their friend Nathan suggests they play a game of spin the bottle, it ultimately brings up confusion and many questions. Revelations about relationships and identity come into focus.

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