Infusio Day Five

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Today was a gauntlet. My patience was almost zero and I was very emotional.

  • Hyperbaric Chamber
  • Thymus shot
  • Novo Bed
  • Global Diagnostic
  • Lunch (2 hour break)
  • 5 IVs (Immunity protocol, 3 others, one for liver detox)

The day started off bad. I forgot to eat breakfast and was feeling shaky and ill. I told the girl on the 3rd floor and she said to go ahead and eat. It made me a little late for the hyperbaric chamber, but it worked out.

I don’t love the hyperbaric chamber, but it turned out to be the most relaxing part of the day. I read my favorite literary journal (Sheriff Nottingham) I had my thymus shot, got into the Light Coffin for 10 minutes, did the Global Diagnostic and then had lunch. We ended up having 2 hours of down time. It was overcast and cold today, so we didn’t spend too much time outside. The slumber party was there today. It’s their last day at Infusio and I am so grateful. I can’t even tell you. The non-stop talking, laughing, jubilant screams (the way girls do). Literally non-stop. I marveled at how they could talk all day. I am so not like that. During my 2 hour break, I went outside to take a nap and about half way in, they all came out for a final day photo with one of the Infusio staffers, the nurses, and the host. I couldn’t help but feel like I was invisible. I was sleeping and they made tons of noise, laughing, joking. Needless to say, I did not get a nap today, which made me cranky.

Look, I’m REALLY ridiculously happy these people feel well enough to have loud conversations and talk all day. I don’t. I’ve had a hard week, I don’t feel well, I’m exhausted, and I’m doing my best to get through it. My symptoms this week have been headaches, tremors, anxiety, and fatigue. I have a hard time when people show a blatant disregard for others. It really boggles my mind. All week, these women have acted like they’re getting 2 for 1 margaritas at Dave and Busters. I managed to contain my side eye for most of the week, but today I couldn’t keep it in and threw some serious shade. I didn’t say anything, but it was pretty obvious I was unhappy. The nurses and the host helped me out and put me in a side room, but even that was too loud. After a while, they put me in the back room and I had some quiet. I’m dealing with some serious anxiety right now and it doesn’t help to have people being crazy in a place of healing. I don’t get it. I don’t quite know how to address the issue. It’s not just me. Two other people felt the need to escape the cacophony and find solace in other parts of the penthouse. While I don’t want to be a complainer, I also have to consider that I too paid a crap ton of money for this experience and I deserve to be in a place of comfort for everyone. I’m venting. Sorry.

I was moody today. Really moody. Up and down. I almost cried a few times. I think it’s just the stress of the the long week. Infusio is a gauntlet, but I’ve said this before: It’s going to be worth it. I know it. One of my major battles through this Lyme journey has been how to handle my stress. I have to deal with it. I will say this, doing this blog helps. The staff at Infusio also helps. They’re great.

That said, the afternoon IVs are hard on everyone. You can see it on their faces. Today they told me exactly what every IV was and what it did, but I was so poo brained I couldn’t keep it straight. Not just me, but everyone was glad to be out for the weekend to have a few days off. I got out around 5pm and was the last one done. When we left, we were so anxious to leave, we forgot to check out. I probably was not a peach to deal with today. I’m sure everyone could tell I was in a bad mood. I sincerely hope I didn’t annoy anyone with my mad faces or foul mood. I really tried, but I felt like I was at my limit today. My limit is so much shorter thanks to Lyme. I tried not to take it out on the nurses or host. They are all wonderful, helpful, amazing people. Next week should be a lot better. The final stretch. I have to remind myself: I chose this, I’m paying for this, I want this, and it’s going to work!

We waited on the curb for our Uber home and while we waited, I saw a hummingbird. Right there in the middle of a busy Beverly Hills street. I love hummingbirds, they feel like my spirit animals – because before Lyme I was a high energy, get-er-done kind of go-getter. I feel like they’re always around me all the time. I see them in the most unlikely places and have had the honor of hosting two hummingbird nests on two of my home porches over the years.

And then the best thing happened. Remember when I said movie stars don’t do it for me anymore? I was just kidding. I saw George Hamilton walking down the street! He walked right in front of me. Oh man. He’s 78 and he looks great! Still tanned, still smooth. He looked good. If you don’t know who that is, do yourself a favor and watch any of his movies from the ’70s. My favorite is Love at First Bite. He was a hunk and a half. A real heartthrob in his day. Our Uber drive home was great. The driver was courteous and drove like a champ. We got home in under an hour in Friday evening traffic. Thank you!

When I got home, I had a very shot burst of CRAZY energy. It lasted about 5 minutes, but I felt like I was on speed. I’ve never done speed, but I imagine that’s what it’s like. It’s gone now and I’m going to rest up. I’ll do a week one sum up and post it this weekend. Thanks for being with me this week. Doing these posts has really helped me stay calm and not kill crazy slumber party ladies. Because I was edgy all day, I didn’t take any photos. There’s really not much to see that isn’t already on the Infusio website, but if you want to see anything in particular, let me know – I’ll see what I can do.

Ask questions in the comments. Have a great weekend everyone!

Instastory Save From Day 5:

Note: Green and grey screens are an Instagram to YouTube glitch.


  • Kelly Mysliwczyk

    Thank you so much for documenting your journey. It really helps when folks like me are deciding if this is the right thing for them. I feel a little sorry that I’m not going through it with you as I too am generally pretty crabby and moody due to Lyme and would have helped you find some peace and quiet. Plus it always helps to have someone else there to rolls your eyes with. Just know I’m rolling my eyes at the slumber party with you. Glad you made it through week one. You’ve got this!

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