Infusio Day Three

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I’m not a cheerleader. In fact, I have to work really hard to be positive. Life has kicked me in the teeth enough times, I’ve learned to be cautious and observant.

  • Global Diagnostic
  • Massage
  • NovoBed
  • Thymus Injection
  • Re-Do Global Diagnostic
  • Lunch
  • 10 Pass Ozone (kills Lyme pathogens)
  • IVs – Meyer’s Cocktail, Glutathione

There is so much going on that it’s difficult to explain everything. The first few days we were just thrown into things. I’m getting the hang of it and am able to explain a little more. I’ll do my best. Please ask questions if you have them. 

I completely expected that Infusio would be a serene oasis and I would have no complaints. In many regards, it is and I don’t. The location is beyond gorgeous. If you’re not from Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is really something to see. I’ve lived in LA a long time. I was born here, moved to Ventura County, and came back when I was 19. Fancy cars, movie stars, and palm trees don’t do much for me anymore. Even so, the inside of Infusio is really well done. The decor, the furniture, everything. It’s all top notch. All of the employees are easy on the eyes. I’m pretty sure there’s some kind of beauty pre-requisite to work there. But they’re not just pretty faces, everyone is helpful, sweet, and very good at their jobs. It’s a win/win. The services they offer are high end and are the latest technology.

My biggest complaint is the volume levels. For the last 3 days, people (staff and patients) have been talking non-stop. I understand the patient’s point of view. You’re in an unfamiliar place and there’s nothing to do for long hours on end except be strapped to an IV. It’s very difficult to read when you can’t move one arm. It’s so much easier to talk to your neighbor. However, I don’t know about anyone else, but I have noise sensitivity and anxiety. Being around a bunch of new people who are laughing loudly like they’re at a cocktail party is disruptive. The good news is, my husband and I just hang out on the penthouse patio all day – and it’s lovely out there. It’s very quiet – although you can often hear the people inside – and the weather has been perfect. There are comfy chairs and lounges to sit on and it shaded for most of the day. I wish that the inside was more of a quiet zone, though. I really don’t consider loud talking conducive to healing. Maybe that’s just me. Most everyone is talking and I feel like the odd man out. Actually, there’s one other guy who often strays from the crowd. I get the sense he just wants to be left alone. I’m really just tired of talking about lyme. She said, as she writes her blog about it. Truth is, I just want to relax and get better. I want to put lyme behind me. I’m sharing all this on my blog for posterity and to help others who are looking into Infusio. Spoiler alert: I think it’s going to be worth it.

Today was another go-go-go day. I started with the Global Diagnostic which is a very complicated frequency machine that reads your body energy, puts out a reading and then does a “treatment”. Once again, I’m not exactly sure how it works and it doesn’t feel like anything is happening. I’m trying to trust the process.

After that, I had an hour long massage which was amazing! The massage therapist has magic hands. He worked on my bad shoulder (bursitis and/or tendonitis) and has really improved my mobility. Like a lot of you, I have not had a massage in years. I’ve been told that they detox you too much and tend to make us feel worse after, so I’ve stayed away. I don’t feel worse. I feel loose and relaxed. I might feel different tomorrow.

I did 20 minutes on the NovoBed (AKA Light Coffin). I have mixed feelings about the Light Coffin. It feels good, but after a while it got too hot on my spine and I had to move around so I didn’t feel burned. I’m certain it’s doing good things. Light therapy is super helpful, but the coffin is a little difficult to get in and out of. It’s not a huge problem, I’m just weak after being in bed and on the couch for two years.

I had my thymus injection – the one in your booty. I found out that it stimulates stem cell production. I get those every day.

After that, I had to re-do 8 minutes on the Global Diagnostic. There was some kind of problem with it saving my info. I think, I’m not sure, but I might have moved the little sticky tab on my ankle. You have to stay really still for the whole 30 minutes.

We had lunch from Judi’s again – same as yesterday. I’d gotten through everything so quickly, we had an hour to spare and I took a much needed nap outside. I just konked out.

After lunch I did a 10-pass ozone treatment. They stick a needle in your arm, pull blood out into a bulb hanging on a stand. The blood passes through a machine and is infused with ozone and then passed back into your body. They do that 10 times. The nurse has to monitor you closely because the blood will just keep filling the bulb. I almost topped mine out once. Apparently this can wreck the machine. The nurse and his assistant were running back and forth multi-tasking, which is slightly nerve-wracking, but they got it done. All in all, it took about an hour. As usual, you can’t move your arm and my shoulder was killing me by the end of it.

Finally, I had a Meyer’s Cocktail and a glutathione drip. I got out around 4pm. I was glad to be done, even if we had to sit in traffic for an hour and a half.

Make no mistake, these are hard days. I’m exhausted and my body aches. It may sound like a wellness retreat, but it’s a lot of hard work. Like I said, I’m not used to being out, being around people, or walking as much as we do. Therapies are currently split onto two floors. I haven’t exercised this much in years. It’s going to be worth it. I can feel it. I can’t say I have much improvement just yet. I have noticed that my sinuses feel clearer, but I’m so exhausted physically and mentally, whatever improvements I feel are over-shadowed by that. My entire body hurts. I also feel overwhelmed. It’s emotional to go through all this and know that this is only the beginning. I hear people saying that you should give the healing a year. That’s not fun to think about.

Infusio is not a well oiled machine just yet. They do extremely well, considering how much they are orchestrating. It’s a lot. Because the technology and information is constantly changing, they like to adapt quickly and this means there are periods of adjustment. Right now, they’re implementing a new schedule and the ACT program. You can find more info about that on their Facebook group page. I don’t quite understand it yet.

My only other complaint is that procedures aren’t properly explained. Lyme patients are researchers. We’ve been forced to be our own doctors for years, do our own research, and find our own answers. It’s a little strange for me to take someone’s word for it. I’d like to know what I’m getting and why. I do sort of feel like I’m being tossed around from one treatment to the next and I’m constantly having to ask “what’s this one do?” I’m sure I’m not alone. On the first day, they gave us a printed schedule (which is very handy) and it feels like Summer camp activities. You gotta keep your schedule going or it messes up the whole day. I do feel a little lacking in the information department, but I’m trying to trust the process. I do know they’re doing good work and they are sincere. I know it. I mention my complaints, not because I’m upset, but I see room for improvement and I want anyone going to Infusio to know what to expect. I felt a little blind going in.

More tomorrow! Post questions in the comments!

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