The Cure – Standing on a Beach (Cassette Version)

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Most of the stories I’m currently writing take place during the ’80s and ’90s, my very own teenage glory days. Because music has always been a huge part of my life, it’s obviously very important to my characters. When I’m writing, I like to listen to the music from that particular time or year. It takes me to that place, brings up those memories and inspires me.

I’ve been re-writing my short story That Time We Played Spin The Bottle. One┬ácharacter, Ryan, is a hardcore Cure fan and I’ve been feeling nostalgic for one cassette in particular. The Cure’s Standing on a Beach. It’s a collection of singles and B-sides that helped me get through some of the most difficult times in my life. To me, it epitomizes the best of The Cure, both hopeful and somber, silly and dark. This morning I looked to see if anyone had created a version on Spotify. I couldn’t find one so I made it myself. It’s not that you can’t get these songs on new compilations, but there’s something about rekindling that exact feeling, the songs you know, one after the other, in the order you remember it. You know what song is coming next and it’s a magical ride to the past.

For those of you that remember this cassette in its original order, here you go. Even if you don’t. I think Cure fans will appreciate this either way. I know Ryan would.

Note: Killing An Arab is not available anywhere on Spotify for obvious reasons – although it feels a little like censorship. The song existed. It’s not PC, but it was there at that time and place in history. It would have been the first track on Side A.



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