Short Story Vignettes


While I’m working on my novel (ironing out the kinks and removing plot holes) I will be releasing various short story vignettes from that world involving characters from the book. I am currently finishing up the first short story and would like to have that online by Monday.

The first short story takes place in 1985, seven years before the novel and goes into detail a conversation had in the book. If I’ve done my job correctly, each short story should stand on its own, but make good additions to the novel. It should also serve to introduce readers to my characters and the world they live in. I will always include a little backstory and context. Follow me on Twitter for updates @ksphotos

Change in Direction 2016


2016 has been a big year. After moving into our dee-luxe apartment in the sky in the big city of Los Angeles, AJB and I have been busy moving in and moving up. In this time, I have put my focus on figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life. I came to an interesting observation: It’s not wedding photography. Although I will continue to photograph what makes me happy, I have ultimately decided to focus on writing.

I have one love: Photography and writing. I have loved both equally since I was a kid. It’s like the song by Mary Wells, I have two lovers and I ain’t ashamed. Two lovers and I love them just the same. On that note, I’ll be using this site to highlight my photography work and (coming soon-ish) the novel I’m working on. Sound cool? It does to me. I hope you’ll stay tuned. Come follow me on Twitter for the latest @ksphotos