Learning to Take Criticism, a.k.a That Doesn’t Look Like Madonna

As an experiment, I sent my short story That Time We Played Spin The Bottle to a beta reader. A beta reader is┬ánot a professional editor. They’re someone who enjoys reading and can give unbiased feedback on written work. Although beta reading is often an unpaid exchange, I decided to hire a professional beta reading company to speed things up.

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Change in Direction 2016


2016 has been a big year. After moving into our dee-luxe apartment in the sky in the big city of Los Angeles, AJB and I have been busy moving in and moving up. In this time, I have put my focus on figuring out what the hell I want to do with my life. I came to an interesting observation: It’s not wedding photography. Although I will continue to photograph what makes me happy, I have ultimately decided to focus on writing.

I have one love: Photography and writing. I have loved both equally since I was a kid. It’s like the song by Mary Wells, I have two lovers and I ain’t ashamed. Two lovers and I love them just the same. On that note, I’ll be using this site to highlight my photography work and (coming soon-ish) the novel I’m working on. Sound cool? It does to me. I hope you’ll stay tuned. Come follow me on Twitter for the latest @ksphotos