Five South: New Memoir Review by Amy Scheiner and a Jacob Nantz Column on British Football

It’s been a while. We’re working on something pretty big (and time-consuming) but in the meantime, our Non-Fiction Editor, Dave Nash, has published two new pieces. One from Non-Fiction Reader Amy Sheiner, and a new column by Jacob Nantz on Manchester football and music. I’m often stunned at how talented Five South readers and contributors are. Not stunned because it’s impossible, but stunned that they’re a part of something I’m also a part of. It’s staggering (and humbling) to be among such talent.

The Unbearable Weight of Memory

A Review of Ingrid Rojas Contreras’ The Man Who Could Move Clouds by Amy Scheiner

Memoir is the recreation of memory on the page. In the 2022 National Book Award Finalist for Nonfiction, The Man Who Could Move Clouds, author Ingrid Rojas Contreras confirms that “all stories begin and end with memory.” Yet on page one of this memoir, she reveals she has lost her memory. Readers and the author alike are left wondering where the truth lies in the absence of memory. READ MORE »

Good Life Better by Jacob Nantz

How Manchester’s Past Drives Its Output of Music, Football, and Joy

Jacob Nantz has been blending his love of sports with his gift for prose at Five South for months now. I might be biased, but this is his best yet. Share it with anyone who loves British football and that Manchester sound. READ IT HERE »