She Wrote This

I’m a used bookseller! I’m delighted to announce that I am starting a side-hustle selling used books! This is something I’ve had on my brain for many years. In fact, I had so many other things going on, I never had a chance for this one. And now I do! This feels like my year. I’m finally getting around to doing the things I’ve been dreaming out: Writing, selling books, going back to school. I’m breaking out of Lyme Disease like gangbusters. Can’t stop me now! To be honest, the dream wasn’t exactly selling books on eBay. I thought about opening a bookshop or something. I just want to be around books. In high school I briefly flirted with the notion of being a Librarian, but when I found out you needed a college degree (which I couldn’t afford) I stepped into the glamourous, action packed world of minimum wage retail and office reception. 

My focus will be on women writers. It’s a good time. There are more female writers now than ever. As a lady, I want to support my lady friends and those who identify as lady friends. Not that I won’t ever post a male writer. Some of my favorite writers are men: Charles Bukowski, Ray Bradbury, John Fante. If I see a good one, I’ll post it. Good writing is good writing, but the spotlight will be on women. I’ll also be putting good stuff and book recommendations on Instagram @shewrotethis.books. Notices of new additions get posted there first. 

What kind of books? Whichever strike my fancy. From cookbooks to romance, self help to fiction. If it’s good, I’ll sell it. Items will be hand picked by me and sold via eBay. You can follow my account here

Why used books? There are tons of used books going unread in this world. Plenty in excellent shape and ready for a new owner. They’re ready to be loved again. It’s also eco-friendly. Why buy new when you can buy a perfectly good used book? It’s a great idea! It saves the planet. 

Make sure to follow my Instagram @SheWroteThis.books for updates. 

Trivia: She Wrote This is a reference to the title of a song by the 70s punk band, Television.

My Favorite Short Story Podcasts

When you have Lyme Disease, you spend countless hours laying in bed, laying on the couch. I’ve memorized the ceiling very well. I have lots of time doing nothing. On those days, I like to listen to audiobooks, but I love short story podcasts. Here are my favorites.


Selections fiction read by the authors. Short stories from the Kenyon Review. Always good stuff.


Unparalleled production, beautiful narration, sumptuous ambiance. The Paris Review podcast features short stories from its vast archives dating all the way back to the 50s. Short stories and poetry are read by their authors or occasionally celebrity readers. There is something so beautiful and calming about these episodes. The Paris Review is known for its high-quality fiction and their content is clearly chosen with love.


Levar Burton, best known for his work as Lt. Geordi LaForge on Star Trek the Next Generation and Reading Rainbow, has a magical voice. He feels much like a father reading to his child - in some magical world where fathers read to their children. I don’t have such memories, but I imagine this is what it’s like. His voice is filled with love for the written word. Burton reads short stories that he likes and shares them with the world. Sometimes his voice is so soothing, I fall asleep in a dreamlike world floating on clouds of words.


The current week’s fiction in podcast form read by their authors. Who better to read their work than the authors themselves? The New Yorker provides some of the highest quality short fiction and here you’re transported into that world.


The British newspaper provides a weekly podcast that both discusses intelligent subjects and has cool people reading short stories. Stephen Fry, Neil Gaiman, Simon Callow, and Bill Nighy to name a few. It’s innately British and will make you feel smarter.

There are tons more fiction podcasts out there like The Truth or Welcome to Nightvale - I consider those radio theater - but the ones above focus specifically on short stories. Got any to recommend? Let me know in the comments.


I started blogging in the way back early days of LiveJournal. 2000 or so. Those were the good old days. Blogging was a new concept and people thought I was crazy for sharing my opinions online. I loved LiveJournal. The community, the sharing, the friends I made. Over the years I’ve tried many iterations of blogging and I love the idea of it. I love being able to say whatever I want and share it with strangers. When the lights started to dim at LiveJournal, I moved to Wordpress. I toyed around with the idea of sharing recipes, travel logs, that sort of thing. None of it ever felt right. Ultimately, what I figured out over almost twenty years of blogging is that I am not a consistent blogger. A blog can easily become your life.

In this day and age, blogging is a career. To be an influencer, a game changer, a style setter. I’m not those things. No one wants to see my #OOTD, but I still need a way to keep people updated on my current projects. I don’t HAVE to. I want to.

All that said, I know you’re supposed to offer daily or weekly updates. You’re supposed to cultivate a following, a brand, a lifestyle. Meh. I’m not promising anything and frankly, I spend more time writing novels and short stories than I do thinking about what to blog about. I’ll post when I have something to share. I believe in the Keep It Simple Stupid method. Frequent updates of interest are posted on Twitter and Instagram. Come find me there.

At the moment, I’m reveling in anonymity and doing what makes me happy. There is a small tug to the concept of blogging, but I won’t let the river sweep me away. Head down, reference books scattered. I’ll be writing.