I started blogging in the way back early days of LiveJournal. 2000 or so. Those were the good old days. Blogging was a new concept and people thought I was crazy for sharing my opinions online. I loved LiveJournal. The community, the sharing, the friends I made. Over the years I’ve tried many iterations of blogging and I love the idea of it. I love being able to say whatever I want and share it with strangers. When the lights started to dim at LiveJournal, I moved to Wordpress. I toyed around with the idea of sharing recipes, travel logs, that sort of thing. None of it ever felt right. Ultimately, what I figured out over almost twenty years of blogging is that I am not a consistent blogger. A blog can easily become your life.

In this day and age, blogging is a career. To be an influencer, a game changer, a style setter. I’m not those things. No one wants to see my #OOTD, but I still need a way to keep people updated on my current projects. I don’t HAVE to. I want to.

All that said, I know you’re supposed to offer daily or weekly updates. You’re supposed to cultivate a following, a brand, a lifestyle. Meh. I’m not promising anything and frankly, I spend more time writing novels and short stories than I do thinking about what to blog about. I’ll post when I have something to share. I believe in the Keep It Simple Stupid method. Frequent updates of interest are posted on Twitter and Instagram. Come find me there.

At the moment, I’m reveling in anonymity and doing what makes me happy. There is a small tug to the concept of blogging, but I won’t let the river sweep me away. Head down, reference books scattered. I’ll be writing.