She Wrote This

I’m a used bookseller! I’m delighted to announce that I am starting a side-hustle selling used books! This is something I’ve had on my brain for many years. In fact, I had so many other things going on, I never had a chance for this one. And now I do! This feels like my year. I’m finally getting around to doing the things I’ve been dreaming out: Writing, selling books, going back to school. I’m breaking out of Lyme Disease like gangbusters. Can’t stop me now! To be honest, the dream wasn’t exactly selling books on eBay. I thought about opening a bookshop or something. I just want to be around books. In high school I briefly flirted with the notion of being a Librarian, but when I found out you needed a college degree (which I couldn’t afford) I stepped into the glamourous, action packed world of minimum wage retail and office reception. 

My focus will be on women writers. It’s a good time. There are more female writers now than ever. As a lady, I want to support my lady friends and those who identify as lady friends. Not that I won’t ever post a male writer. Some of my favorite writers are men: Charles Bukowski, Ray Bradbury, John Fante. If I see a good one, I’ll post it. Good writing is good writing, but the spotlight will be on women. I’ll also be putting good stuff and book recommendations on Instagram @shewrotethis.books. Notices of new additions get posted there first. 

What kind of books? Whichever strike my fancy. From cookbooks to romance, self help to fiction. If it’s good, I’ll sell it. Items will be hand picked by me and sold via eBay. You can follow my account here

Why used books? There are tons of used books going unread in this world. Plenty in excellent shape and ready for a new owner. They’re ready to be loved again. It’s also eco-friendly. Why buy new when you can buy a perfectly good used book? It’s a great idea! It saves the planet. 

Make sure to follow my Instagram @SheWroteThis.books for updates. 

Trivia: She Wrote This is a reference to the title of a song by the 70s punk band, Television.