Infusio - Day Four

Today was the day of shots! I'm officially a human pin cushion. Now I know how voodoo dolls feel :(

  • SlimYonik

  • NovoBed (6 mins)

  • Global Diagnostic

  • Thymus shot

  • NAD shots (12 total)

  • Lunch

  • 5 IVs: DCA, ??, artesunate, glutathione, ozone

  • Bursitis shoulder shots (lidocaine, procaine, ozone - 3 or 5?)

When I got in at 9am, they told me Dr. Kim had changed my schedule because of my data on the Global Diagnostic. This is normal. They personalize treatment, but I was not specifically told what the data was or why it altered. I started with the SlimYonik (Squish Pants) and then did 6 minutes in the Light Coffin. Each time I do the NovoBed, I alternate 6, 10, and 20 minutes in on various days. Everyone has their own personalized schedule. I then went back downstairs to do the Global Diagnostic which takes about 1/2 an hour. 

After that, I had my daily thymus shot. And then! I did the NAD shots. If you recall, they tried to do these on Monday, but they hurt so bad I was in tears and they had to stop. Today, wasn't that bad. It hurt, but I meditated through it. I could kind of zone out and take the pain. It's what I've done when I've gotten piercings and tattoos. I just go into a kind of trance. 12 shots total. 8 in my stomach, 4 in my back.

My husband and I had an hour to kill, and we asked if we could start the IVs early, but we ended up waiting until everyone else got going. The staff has their own schedule to keep. I was feeling moody and still had a headache so I laid down on the IV chair. Pro tip: The IV chair on the far right gets all the sun in the afternoon. Not the best chair.

After lunch, I had IVs for the rest of the afternoon. DCA, one I can't remember, artesunate, glutathione, and ozone.

  • DCA - Dioxychlor - Antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal

  • I don't remember the next one. It might have been EDTA which is a heavy metal detoxer.

  • Artesunate is an anti-malarial and is used for "severe" malaria. I assume this is for the Babesia, a similar bacteria to malaria.

  • Glutathione is an antioxidant.

  • Ozone kills Lyme pathogens.

As usual, I had to ask about everything and I was so tired and headachy I couldn't remember one of the IVs. You are bombarded with information, it's hard to remember it all, especially when you have brain fog. However, today I felt more clear headed. It's hard to explain. I felt like I was thinking a little clearer, but it didn't last. It wasn't like the brain fog went away, but I felt slightly more awake for a while. This is a rollercoaster. Things change from minute to minute, day to day. My results are not typical and everyone has different results.

Dr. Kim came by around 3pm and talked the group through the stem cell procedure that will take place next week on Wednesday or Thursday. Again, it's a lot of information, but the procedure will take 2 hours. I will post all that info when the time comes. She also took the time to sit down with each of us and address our questions. She wanted to look at my bad shoulder and suggested I do shots of ozone and procaine to get the inflammation down. I did. It was an extra $200 charge, but so far, it feels a ton better - a little sore from the injection sites. Since I had a headache, Dr. Kim recommended I use an essential oil roll-on called "Headache Magic." It worked. You can find it online and it has: Lavender Fine, Peppermint, Ylang-Ylang 3, Wintergreen, Melissa.

Right now, I'm so tired I need to rest. This week has taken a lot out of me. Today was another gauntlet. I was dragging ass all day and felt unusually emotional. I had a chat with the mother of one of the other patients and she told me how hard it's been on him. Lyme is a tough business. It's heartbreaking, but I feel good knowing both this man and I are getting the help we need.

I will continue to post information as I have it. I hope you understand, at the moment, I'm so tired and weak I need to sleep. I will have more time over the weekend to get into some specifics and talk about the upcoming procedure. I may also update this post later. The Uber ride home was horrific. The driver made me feel car sick, and it took an hour and a half. I also didn't take a lot of photos today. I had a good quality hamburger for dinner and basically inhaled it. I was famished! After, I felt OK - no bloating or sick feeling. I'll talk more about the recommended diet this weekend. Hint: It's not hamburgers.

Please post questions in the comments. Thanks!