Infusio - Day Six

Today started out bad. I spilled coffee all over myself as we were getting into the Uber.

  • Global Diagnostic

  • Massage (20 mins, trigger points)

  • Novo Bed

  • Thymus Injection

  • NAD Injections

  • 7 IVs (Calcium EDTA w/ DSMO, DCA, Intracell, Folic Acid + Bs, Glutathione, Liver detox,  Phospholipids)

I did this post very quickly. I was too tired to do a full info post last night and will update more as time permits. This is the gist of the day. 

Today was a long, hard day. I did the Global Diagnostic and then had a massage for 20 minutes. My body is so sore, it wasn't pleasant, but the massage therapist is wonderful and he did a great job. After, I did the NovoBed (Light Coffin) - except; I was feeling anxious. I got in, lay there a minute and got a static shock from the metal rim on the bed. That was enough for me. I got out, found my husband, did my thymus shot and then had the NADs - 8 shots in the stomach, 4 in the back. They hurt, but not as horrific as the first time.

We had two hours of downtime. I went outside and read, laid down, relaxed. I'm so glad I did. After lunch, we started the IV gauntlet. Right off the bat, the IV hurt. My arms are bruised and tired and my muscles feel weak. Around the hour mark, I noticed the first bag wasn't moving, so I asked for help. Some of the other patients were getting 10-pass ozone, so the nurses were very busy. They fiddled with the IV bags and all its little nozzles and things. It moved again, but they had to flush the line (in my vein) by clearing out the fluid and it BURNED. Later, I noticed the IV wasn't moving again, so I called again. It was another 20 minutes. This time, there was blood in the line and I was already feeling anxiety and trying to keep myself calm. The thing about anxiety is, it's never life or death. The weirdest things set it off. I tried to breathe and remain calm, but when the nurses came back, they flushed the line again and it BURNED. It was then I broke down crying. The nurse was sweet and helped me out. We put a warm compress on my arm and that helped a lot. The rest of the IVs went smoothly, but I was worn out and feeling spaced out. I was one of the last ones to leave.

When we got downstairs to call the Uber, my body started vibrating. My whole body was bobbing in every direction in a kind of slow rhythmic way. It felt gross. I had to sit down. The Uber arrived, and I tried to get up, but it felt like my legs were made of Jello. We thought it was best we go back up and get checked out. We got up to the 3rd floor, most everyone was gone, but the assistant nurse was there and she helped me. She's sweet. They took my vitals, and she texted back and forth with Dr. Kim. They said it resulted from the NAD shots I'd had in the early afternoon, but it was odd they were happening so far after the shots. I was still vibrating when we got into the Uber, but by the time we got home, it had subsided. I ate dinner and crashed out hard.

A new group of 1st Weekers have arrived and they all seem very nice. One girl has a support animal, and it's nice to have a sweet dog loving on everyone. It was quiet today, but in the afternoon it got a little loud.

I don't know what happened today. I was tired and moody and my emotions were out of my control. I can't remember who, but I think someone told me the NADs cause mood fluctuations. That would explain it, I'm feeling the pain. I thought the first week was hard. I sort of of expected it would get easier, but it is like a marathon. Did you ever see that movie Run Fatboy Run? I feel like Simon Pegg at the end of that one, but I will keep going because I have to, because I want to be well.


If anyone from Infusio ever reads this, you have to know: The staff is what makes 50-billion shots and long days bearable. They are all kind, supportive, and talented and I am so grateful to have their help.