Infusio - Day Seven

So much happened today, let me see if I can get it all down...

  • Hyperbaric

  • SlimYonik

  • NovoBed

  • Nutritional consultation

  • Lunch

  • 7 IVs - I did not get the names of them all, but one of them was atesuante

  • Thymus

The day was bedlam. Two of the staffers called in sick: The assistant nurse and the hostess. This meant that the main nurse had to handle all the IVs by himself. 12 people and each of us had at least three IVs total. I had seven. It was a lot. In the afternoon, they called in a temp nurse to help out, but she wasn't familiar with the protocols and although she did her best, it was still kind of crazy. She was sweet, but not the best IV putter-inner. One girl from the 3rd floor office came up and played hostess and she was great. She was on top of everything as far as I could tell and she's very nice. I must applaud the staff for handling it today. It was a nightmare. The IVs require someone to watch them, change them, flush the lines, solve problems that arise. It's a big job for two people, let alone one nurse and a temp.

Good arm veins no longer an option

Good arm veins no longer an option

The schedule was out of whack all day and it was stressful for everyone. The staff handled it great, but you could tell the patients were getting frustrated. Everyone did their best to maintain their composure, but some of the therapies are time sensitive. By the afternoon, things seemed to settle down. Everyone was hooked up to the IVs and the IV lounge was jammed with 1st weekers and 2nd weekers (my group) plus their companions. It got noisy in the afternoon, but I didn't mind as much today. I was in a good mood all day. I even talked to people. Best I could, I was still exhausted.

I had my consult with their Mexico based nutritionist who does calls via Skype. He does custom suggestions for everyone. For me, he wants me to go back to a mostly vegan diet. I had been a vegetarian for 25 years, but after several doctors told me to eat meat or perish, I went back to limited meat (mostly chicken). It's only been about a year and it was a hard transition. I admit meat tastes good, but I have a lot of guilt when I eat it. He says the stress of eating meat is worse than eating meat. LOL. In the 25 years I was a vegetarian, I was never anemic. It wasn't until I got Lyme that my health declined rapidly. I'm fine going back to vegetarian. I feel like I have permission now.

Around 4pm, a group of young Hollywood types walked around and appeared to be setting up for filming. No one had said anything to us so we watched and waited as they discussed shots and where so and so would sit. They came up to where I was and talked about moving us and I said, "Excuse me, I don't know if you realize this, but we're all sick people. You can't just move us." It miffed me, for sure. The head of marketing was there and while she apologized, she appeared insincere. She said, "It's not everyday Paramount wants to shoot in your offices." And I'm thinking...actually, this is Los Angeles. It happens every day. I was too tired to duke it out. She continued to apologize, and I went outside to get air. I was pretty upset and so was everyone else. By this time, my IVs were starting to hurt, and I was ready to go home. I found somewhere else to sit, but was annoyed they had barged in on us. A little while later, the rest of the patients in my group came to where I was and told me someone had asked them to move because they were talking too much. Wow. One wife of a patient went downstairs to complain. I'm glad she did. We found out it was the guy from Catfish shooting some kind of commercial or something for the Infusio hangover treatments. That got everyone riled up because of all the things to move us out for! It also upset us that no one told us anything about it.

The dude from Catfish making a video while I’m trying to heal.

The dude from Catfish making a video while I’m trying to heal.

The heads of Infusio came up and apologized sincerely.  They explained that they weren't aware the film crew wanted to use the IV lounge and they shouldn't have asked to move; that this was our space. They were great about it and offered to buy us dinner as a bonus. I was happy with the apology. Believe me, I've lived in LA a long time, this kind of thing actually does happen all the time and film crews can be pushy.


After that, everyone went home. We all got our appointment times for our stem cell procedures. Mine is first thing Thursday morning. My energy is a little better than usual, but I'm sore. My IV sites are sore and I have a red bump on my booty where yesterday's thymus shot went in. I feel like I've been hit by a truck, despite a slight increase in energy. My arms, stomach, back, and ass cheeks are sore. My left hand is now sore - we're running out of places to stick needles. I'm weak and running out of steam, but it's almost over. Tomorrow is day 8! I'm more than halfway done!

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