Infusio - Day Eight

Day 8 was the day Infusio broke me.

  • 10 Pass Ozone Treatment

  • IVs: Meyer's Cocktail, Glutathione

I woke up with a brewing migraine. Literally, right out of bed. I tried to muscle through it, showered, got ready, took a double dose of ibuprofen. We got into the Uber and I felt car sick the whole way there. When we got to Infusio, I still felt ill, but powered through the IVs. By lunch time I lost my shit. I went out on the patio to rest and the migraine was at full force. I felt like I would throw up. I bawled. Just ugly crying right there on the patio. I am not a public crier. I'm the kind of person that sneaks away to cry, but I just couldn't stop it. It was out of control.

I know I have to understand that I've been busting ass for days, more than I've done in two years. Like most of you, I've been in a cocoon - my dark apartment with only the TV light for months and months. I can hardly leave my house and my anxiety has been crazy since I started this journey. So being thrown into a brightly lit, noisy environment, for two weeks and nine-hour's overwhelming. I'm like one of those animal women, raised by wolves, brought into society. What was that movie with Jodie Foster? Nell? I'm Nell. I mean, I talk to my cats more than real people.

So we went home. I was at my breaking point. I talked to the girls downstairs, and they told me it was fine. The rest of my treatments would have been Squish Pants, Global Diagnostic, Novo Bed and thymus injection. They said I could skip them.

Sigh. I was so happy to be home; I cried again. I slept hard for an hour, woke up, had lunch with my hubby, watched two episodes of Grace and Frankie, and felt more sane. I still have a headache, but it's not fire and brimstone. Tomorrow is my stem procedure. I'm whacked out. I'm taking it easy, gonna sleep and wake up and get 'er done.

More tomorrow. Thanks everyone for reading. Please ask questions in the comments.