Infusio - Days Nine & Ten

Note: I have tons of pics from days nine & ten, but just haven't had the energy to sort them and get them web-ready. I'll add them at a later date. Until then, use your mind pictures. As always, if you have questions, comment below. I'm writing this a little over two weeks after my time at Infusio (and posting a month later). On day ten, I had the most amazing burst of energy I've had in years! I felt normal, better than normal. I was in a GREAT mood and I could have done anything! But then I crashed. Hard.

Thursday (day nine) was my day for stem cells. They had us get there early at 6am. We walked into the 1st floor lab and surgery area. Right when you walk in, the stem cell bakery is to the left behind glass so you can see what they're doing. It's fascinating. Dr. Kim met us and explained how it would all go down. While they did the final prep in the surgery room, we sat in a private room just across the hall - a nice room with a lounge chair, water, fruit, and a frosted window. When we were ready, Dr. Kim called us into the surgery room and explained the procedure. She had one handsome male assistant whose name I can't remember.

She asked if I wanted a drug that helped with the disconnect of the procedure; it makes it so you don't associate bad feelings with the surgery. Yeah, gimme that. She injected the drug into my hip. I'll have to ask my husband what it is, but it makes you feel like everything is OK. No side-effects.

I laid down on my stomach and she numbed my lower back. She asked me what kind of music I wanted to listen to. I said 80s. She put 80s music on with her phone. Once my back was numb, she made two small incisions on either side of my spine. She inserted something inside my back to numb the inside of my body - under the skin. Gross. And then she used a long sucker tube thingy and dug right in. She gets all up in there! She's scraping and sucking out the fat in my lower back and at first I couldn't feel it, but the further in she went I could. It felt like a hot pinch. She started at my spine and went as far as the inside of my hips. She put in more numbing stuff and it felt better. I had my fat scraped out while listening to Guns and Roses' Welcome to the Jungle. Not kidding. Kind of appropriate, actually. You can feel what she's doing, but it doesn't hurt. It took only fifteen minutes and my husband they allowed my husband be in the room with us - taking photos and making commentary. She then cleaned me up and placed a blue pad on my back. She said the wounds would bleed a little and the inner numbing stuff would leak out. Ew. We went into the little waiting room and waited while they made up my stem cells.

I had no real concept of time It all felt like it took an hour, but we were down there about 3 hours. Handsome Assistant attached me to an IV and several small bags of saline. The stems were ready in about 90 minutes. Dr. Kim's assistant makes them up in the bakery lab room. He then brings them in, asked me if I wanted to take a photo with them - I guess people want to do that. I did. And then he injected them into a saline bag and they coursed through my veins. Easy. Dr. Kim was on hand to answer questions. She gave us a container of Arnica Montana - homeopathic pellets that helped so much. I took them about three times a day for a few days after. They help for swelling and pain.

I rested and then went upstairs to get a few more IVs. A Meyer's Cocktail and I forget the other one. Sorry, it was kind of a whirlwind day. After that, we went home around noon.

Stem cell day was the easiest day of the entire two weeks I was at Infusio. Essentially, you're in and out. When I got home, I felt tired, but good. I slept


On Friday, it was back to Infusio for one last day or treatments and IVs. It was just like any of the other days, except I had massive amounts of energy. I was in a super amazing mood and I could have run errands and cleaned the house. I felt a little like I was on drugs. Happy drugs. My back was sore from the procedure, but it wasn't bad. We all did our therapies and then received a final talk about what to expect and how Infusio is there to help us, how to get answers, etc. They gave us all folders with our nutritional consultation information and a list of after-Infusio at-home procedures. This list contains things like teas, castor oils packs, and recommended supplements. We all said goodbye, took a photo together and went our separate ways.

I will write up another post that goes into how I feel after Infusio. Don't get excited, it's not awesome, but I want to document and let people know what to expect. This is about all I can do right now. Thanks for reading. Ask questions in the comments.