Infusio - Three Month Update

At three months post stem cells at Infusio, I can best describe my experience as confusing,  frustrating, and slow.

During the first 100 days, Infusio wants you to lie low, take it easy, and begin the home protocol. Note: The home protocol comprises herbs, supplements, and home therapies. I'm at around 90 days post-Infusio and it's been a very confusing time. The home protocol has already changed once since I left Infusio and there have been several small updates - ones you would not know about unless you follow all the Facebook groups (links below).

I have not done a good job with the home protocol. Some people online have complained about increasing symptoms and histamine reactions so I've procrastinated. Some of them are hard to get a hold of. The purchase of Infusio's brand of supplements must be done via their website. It submits a form and you have to wait for someone to call you. I missed the call twice because they called my husband's number and not mine. It took about two weeks to get them - although they shipped quickly. These supplements are created by Infusio for Infusio patients. I don't know if they're better, I just bought them. Infusio also recommended other brands found online, but have started making their own. I figure, everyone's in the supplement business, but these appear to be cleaner versions for around the same prices. The jury's out if they help or not.

What to take and what not to take is a constant source of stress. Infusio doesn't want you taking any unnecessary pills, supplements, or detoxes. What's necessary? I have no idea. I take what they tell me to take. Can I take Vitamin C? How about charcoal? Alka Seltzer Gold? Everything I usually take is now a question mark. Can I take an Epsom bath? How about a lymph massage? Literally everything, I've had to ask Infusio or post on the boards.

As for how I'm feeling...there have been minor improvements, but it's had to tell if it's me being over it and pushing myself - or the actual stem cells. Let's vote stem cells. I admit I have been pushing myself a little more. I'm forcing myself to be out of bed more. And it's up and down. Some days I'm so tired I lay on the couch or in bed all day, others (like today) I have good energy and feel energetic until I run out of steam and collapse. I am not close to being back to normal. On Saturday, I cleaned the dead leaves out of our three medium ficus trees and it took me down hard for two days. I felt like I'd run a marathon.

Most days I spend about 50% of my day laying down. I split the other 50% between reading, listening to podcasts, writing, watching movies, napping, thinking about things, starring at the walls. Some days I'm laying down 75%, 100%, no percent. It changes from day to day. On good days, I'm up and about, but I feel like a zombie.

  1. I'm napping harder. Before stems, I couldn't sleep and would knock out for 5/10 minutes. Now I go down for a good hour almost every day. It's a hard "dead to the world" kind of sleep.

  2. I still have insomnia at bedtime.

  3. I've had less intense dizziness.

  4. My husband thinks my mood has improved. I still feel blue, but not super dark like I was before. I'd best describe it as "bummed out" all the time with short reprieves here and there.

  5. I still have constant pain in my joints, but muscle twitching is way down.

  6. Eye floaters and sparkles are still an issue.

  7. I haven't had a migraine in over a month.

  8. Head pressure comes and goes.

  9. Tinnitus is unchanged. Hearing does that thing where it drops out for a second and comes back ringing.

  10. My circulation is inconsistent. Some days it feels like it's cut off in my legs, others it's fine.

  11. My digestion has improved (consistency wise) but not in absorption. I have lower abdomen bloating that started at week 11 and hasn't let up. I've gained about 5 pounds.

  12. The texture of my face skin seems to have improved, but that may be because I no longer wash my face with water. I use micellar water. It's less dry, anyway.

  13. Last week I had such bad eye fatigue (for 4 days) I couldn't do anything at all. Not even watch TV.

  14. Little things are improving, but I'm still exhausted all the time. Too tired to operate like a normal human being.

Every day is a roll of the dice. I'm not bothering to write this stuff down or chart it. It's so erratic. appears things are moving in a positive direction. I will say, I am not taking my supplements with any regularity. I forget to. Maybe that's a good thing. It's still way early in the game, but because I'm seeing TINY improvements, it's allowing me to stay hopeful. I should note my symptoms were at their worst when I was herxing on Byron White herbs. I no longer take them (per Infusio instructions) and I now feel a little worse than I did before I started treating Lyme.

In middle May I'm going back to Infusio to do the ACT program. It's a 4-day treatment and I will once again blog the day-to-day stuff. Hopefully, I will feel well enough to do so. If you have questions, email me or post comments below.