Infusio - ACT Day Two

Day Two at Infusio for the ACT was inexplicably the most difficult day.

We arrived at Infusio Beverly Hills at 11am. We paid for two IVs that Dr. Kim recommended (Glutathione and Meyer's). These were not included in the ACT program. Initially, they told us I was going to get all my IVs on the 3rd floor, but when we got there, they sent us to the Penthouse. We arrived at the penthouse and waited a bit until the nurse was ready for us. The day was IVs only and one shot as follows:

We started with a needle shot into my right shoulder. *I forget what was in this one. I'll ask and update. That hurt and left my shoulder aching for a full day with a temporary loss of range of motion. It must have gone into a muscle.


  • Meyer's Cocktail

  • Glutathione

  • Intracell (procaine/bicarb)

I stayed in the IV lounge most of the day, hooked up to IV bags. I didn't really talk to anyone. Most notably, they've added acoustic baffling to the ceiling to absorb sound which really cuts down on the noise in the lounge. Overall, the day was not horrible. I watched Netflix on my iPad and zoned out. After my IVs, I was exhausted. Like, couldn't keep my eyes open exhausted. We were done by 2pm. We called an Uber, sat in traffic for an hour, and went home. When I got home I crashed hard for an hour, but felt really tired and irritable the rest of the night. In the morning, I felt fine.

As usual, the staff was helpful and cheerful. There's really not much to report, especially since I've already been through bunches of IVs. I basically want to put all this on here for myself and others heading into the ACT protocol. As I said before, I had no idea what to expect. These are not full days and even though IVs aren't pleasant, it's not the worst thing in the world now. Funny what you learn to put up with.

If you have questions, post in the comments.