Lyme + Carnivore

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I'm not finding a good deal of information regarding Lyme to Carnivore online. When I ask on the boards, I'm told to look up Mikhaila Peterson or Charlene Anderson. I've already looked them both up and as far as I can tell, there are only two people who have dealt with Lyme through the Carnivore diet; and only one who has totally cured it. Those aren't good numbers. They're out there, but the information is sparse. There are only two stories on said, when faced with a void, someone has to fill it. Might as well be me. I'll update on my experience with the diet for posterity and to aid others looking for answers. I am not an expert.

If you didn't read my long intro to the diet, start there. It's not really long, but the symptoms list in the middle is daunting. It’s important to mention I had stem cell therapy in January 2018. You can read about that here. Your results on the diet will differ. Because I had stem cells, which returned me to a 50-60% healthy state, I am not a baseline. However, I do not have a normal, Lyme free life. I still experience many of the same symptoms I’ve had for five years - to a lesser degree.

Not me. Random Viking Babe consuming meat flesh and the souls of her enemies.

Not me. Random Viking Babe consuming meat flesh and the souls of her enemies.

At two months in, I'm experiencing what feels like a major lyme flare. Headaches, sinus infection, body aches, massive light sensitivity, eye static, floaters, fatigue, hot flashes, torrential diarrhea, sensitive skin, worst acne of my life, mood swings, a phlegmy cough, under-the-surface anxiety, air hunger... basically all my Lyme symptoms - and there were a lot. However, they are significantly decreased when compared to this time last year. Still. I've been feeling so good, it's hard to have a flare; a reminder I'm not out of the woods yet. It's also the full moon. I've been having stomach cramps and my neck has been stiff/achy on the right side for about two weeks now. I've had bouts of light nausea, light dizziness/imbalance, and this sinus infection is kicking my ass. I use X-Clear for the sinus infection and that helps. My body odor is off the hook. I don’t bother with deodorant. My husband swears he doesn’t notice, but I do. It’s also Spring and a friend tells me this is when she flares the hardest. I guess I do too. Before stem cells and carnivore, I could never tell if it was the season or the Lyme. Both? I never had seasonal allergies until I got Lyme. I still don’t register for pollens on allergy tests, but they’re not always right.

The year so far has been up and down with the trend moving up. Overall, I do feel better and when my knees ache or my ribs burn, I have to remind myself it was worse a year ago. On Monday I spent the day in bed. The first day in bed in months. That was emotionally difficult. I'd almost forgotten what it was like to be trapped in my room, hardly able to stand. I felt like I was coming down with something. Is it the diet? The full moon? Something I’m eating? Spring? Why are there always more questions than answers? My left hand is shaking. 

My diet still comprises rib-eye (cooked in ghee and a dash of olive oil), duck eggs, coffee (almond milk - which is a no-no on the diet), cod, ground lamb, ground beef, with the occasional other types of steak and chicken - although chicken isn’t sitting with me well at the moment. My supplements are: Cod liver oil, potassium via pickle juice, Sole water in the AM, magnesium, electrolyte powder in my water. I drink about 40-60 ounces of water per day. I've given up stevia products for the time being. At the moment, I’m not very hungry. I eat because I think I should. When I do, I feel a bit ucky and have to lie down for a bit. My cat sleeps after she eats. Is this a carnivore thing? I have only lost about three pounds of water weight and bloat. If I lose ten I’ll hit my goal weight of 125 - I’m only 5’4 and that’s in the “I can wear what I want“ range for me. In the last couple of days I’ve noticed I’m having a hard time eating lamb burgers. They used to be fine, but now gross me out. I can barely get through the patty. Afterward I feel like hell. This seems to be a common symptom of the adaption phase. People in the forums say to “eat when you’re hungry.“ I couldn’t make it through a whole lamb burger today, but I forced myself. Big mistake. They also say, “If you feel bad, eat more meat.“ This doesn’t work for me. When I feel bad, eating makes it worse.

If you read the Carnivore forums, many people talk about how quick and relatively painless their adaption phase was. Some last a few days, others a few weeks. I feel like this has been going on two weeks or more. I'm not really keeping track at the moment. Is this the adaption phase? Does the diet cause die-off? Last night I had a cod fillet with butter and salt and today my stomach is in revolt. My tongue became puffy and white. Am I intolerant to butter now? I see people saying you become less tolerant to some foods as you progress. WTF? Why, butter? I thought we were friends!

If the diet causes die off, I'm in for a rollercoaster. My viral and bacterial load were/are: HHV6, Epstein Barr, Bartonella, and two types of Babesia. I also had/have Candida. FML. A year ago I tested negative for Candida, but if you’ve struggled with it, you know it’s tenacious and there is more than one type. I don’t feel totally clear, to be honest. If it’s true sugar and carbs feed Lyme bacteria, I’m gonna starve those fuckers out. I have not been properly tested for viruses or bacteria in over a year.

I'm hitting a low point. I feel like shit. Two weeks ago I was walking on air, today I'm slumped in close proximity to the toilet. Everyone says stick with it. The average response to "how long does it take to adapt" is 3-6 months. Note, this is all anecdotal evidence and there is little to no scientific data on this diet. Is it, first and foremost, an elimination diet and there is lots of science on that. The science says it’s good. Will I do this long term? I'll do it as long as I feel good. I'm confident that I currently feel bad due to an adaption or die off phase. I'm going to wait it out and see how I do. Truth is, I’m giving it a solid six months. My next course of action is to return to my LLMD (Lyme Literate Medical Doctor) and get re-tested. I figure six months should do. That puts me in July.

There are some notable figures in the Carnivore community who have done this diet long term (longer than six months): I will add more as I find them.

Charlene and JOE Anderson - 20 years

Perhaps the biggest Carnivore celeb, Charlene is not really online except small mentions on her husband's Twitter page. Last I checked, her Instagram was gone. I'll be honest, she's like a ghost. She is the only Lyme person who has "cured" Lyme with Carnivore long term. She is not active in the community. Charlene tends to be the example most people use, but it’s been over a year since an update. I’ve love to see how she’s doing in 2019. Charlene, are you out there? Do you have any Lyme symptoms left? Any issues to report? Anything you’re still working on?

Charles Washington - 10 years

Charles is best known for starting the Facebook group “Zeroing in on Health“ and began this way of eating to deal with a pre-diabetic diagnosis.

Amber O'Hearn - 10 years

Amber’s original intent with the diet was to lose weight. She discovered many other benefits and has continued. 

Kelly Hogan - 9 years

Overweight, lost her menstrual cycle and unable to conceive. After starting the diet, her cycle returned and she conceived two healthy children and has lost a lot of weight. 

Frank Trufano - 7 years

Former vegan, now outspoken about the dangers of veganism. His channel has lots of good information often with scientific data to support it. He can be staunch and opinionated about his views, but he provides good info. 

Dr. Shawn Baker - 2.5 years

An orthopedic (bones and muscle) surgeon and exercise enthusiast. He's one of the most outspoken about the diet and does quite a lot of videos about it. He’s also the elder (50+) person on this list.

sv3rige - 2 years

Probably the most extreme (radical?) YouTuber on the subject, sv3rige has been eating RAW meat for 2 years. He’s does interview with ex-vegans and talks at length about how stupid vegans are. It’s sometimes amusing. He is educated on the subject and his interviews are worth watching if you need validation for quitting veganism. You may also start to notice that the “ism“ in veganism directly relates to the philosophical belief pattern of the vegan diet - or why sv3rige thinks it’s a cult.

Mikhaila Peterson - 1 year

After suffering her entire life, Mikhaila switched to the diet in 2018. She's a worst-case scenario and has only recently confirmed a lyme diagnosis - Her transformation has been inspirational. She has some remaining Lyme symptoms, but as far as I can tell, she has at least nine different viruses. I have three. 

The Vegetable Police - 1 year

Former vegan, has had many health issues in the past. He's noticed many improvements to his health. His channel is probably the most amusing of them all. He approaches health and the carnivore diet with a sense of humor. He rarely bombards you with facts, but it’s interesting to see how he’s doing.

As you can see, there aren't a lot of people out there who have done this long term and only two with Lyme. Only one (Mikhaila) is writing about it. I don’t like that she’s now offering diet consulting on her site, but you can’t blame a girl for trying to make a living. The fact remains, she is better. I have not been able to find any other Lyme Carnivores logging their experiences. If you know of any, please send me the link.

Special Note: I’m not trying to make money or convince anyone. The information here is provided as a means of logging my experience for others to find. Especially the Lyme community. This is for posterity and if I can help someone, that’s enough. I want to help as much as I can. Lyme is a horrendous disease that ruins your life. I’m a writer, not a health guru. Carnivore is not my life or identity. It’s only how I eat.

Lymies: Have you tried this diet? Get in touch. How ya doing? Get in touch.