Carnivore Diet - 3 Months In


  1. Digestion still isn’t optimal, but I have more good days than bad days. Noticed a minor improvement by adding in digestive enzymes. 

  2. Dry skin. Could be Winter, could be the diet, could be I’m not drinking sufficient water. 

  3. Canker sores: Left cheek, by back teeth. I’ve had them more often in the last couple of months. They commonly go away, but come right back. 

  4. Under-eye bags: They look worse and are tough to get rid of despite cold spoons, tea bags, and under-eye creams. Wrinkles seem worse too :(

  5. Histamines: I’m still having histamine issues, albeit more mild. Could be the mega pollen blast we’ve had this year. Weather is also dry, and the house is extra dusty due to the wind. Red itchy skin, usually on my neck. I take “Histamine Scavenger” when it appears. 

  6. Headaches: I’ve had a couple of doozies this month. Bad, but not the horrible, blinding migraines I used to have. 

  7. Mood has been weird this month.

  8. Sporadic, infrequent brain fog this month. Comes and goes. Spacing out more. The good news is, on good days my brain feels like it’s all systems go.  

  9. Hard “nap days.” I’m not sure what this is about. I wake up in the morning with good energy, feel OK. Around 10am, I’ve gotten so drowsy I need to rest. I lay down and crash hard for two to five hours. A nap? I wake up groggy and kinda foggy. This has happened three times since I’ve started the diet. It’s unusual, a bit like narcolepsy. I literally cannot stay awake. I don’t know why this happens. 

  10. The cough from hell: I started coughing around middle March when I experimented with dairy. For about a week I indulged in a teaspoon per day of heavy cream in my coffee. I was also eating cheese like I could eat cheese. I didn’t go overboard on either, I thought. When the cough started, I dropped all milk products. Originally, I gave up milk products many years ago. This recent test was to see if I could tolerate it. I can’t. Even so, the cough has persisted and ranges from annoying throat clearing to full on hacking. My present theories include: Pollenpocolypse, dry weather, histamine reactions, dehydration. It seems to come and go and is intensified by bacon and shit quality meat from restaurants. I am also a smoker, but I’ve never had a cough like this and it definitely started when I consumed milk products. It doesn’t feel like it’s coming from my lungs, but rather post-nasal drip, perhaps. 

  11. Full moon flares: Staticy vision, fatigue, joint pain. Less intense. 

  12. Stress is manifesting as depression. Because I’m feeling better, I’ve started doing EVERYTHING. I’m working like a dog, going back to school, started a new business, writing, editing, reading, being me, everything!! I’ve gone insane! And now because I can’t do it all, I’m hitting low points that translate into inactivity. I’m overwhelmed. After 3 years of doing nothing, I’ve gone off the deep end. I need to slow down. 

  13. I can’t stay up passed 10pm. By 9pm I’m getting sleepy, by 10 I’m falling asleep on the couch.

  14. Eating bad food (cheating) results in louder symptoms. The good news is, the louder the pain, the more resolve you have in not eating that way anymore.


  1. Energy is still up. Except for hard nap days, which are frequent.

  2. I’m able to use my camera now and can work for hours without getting fatigued or dead on my feet. In fact, I’m spending most of my days working on my projects and my new business. My muscles feel stronger. 

  3. Digestion IS better. Not perfect, but better. You poop less on the carnivore diet. 

  4. Period was less intense this month. My periods have always been 10 days long. 2 horrible, stay in bed, heavy days, and 8 spotting days. Still did 10 days, but flow was lighter. Clots were smaller. Sorry if that’s gross, we need to talk about it. 

  5. I can exercise more than ever. I’m doing moderate exercise now and I don’t feel beat up after. I can also walk to get coffee in the morning which is about a half mile there and back. 

  6. Nail growth? I feel like my nails are growing quicker. 

  7. Bloating is gone and hasn’t come back. 

  8. I feel less inflamed all over. I still have joint pain, but it’s less extreme. 

  9. Weight is oscillating, but trending down. I’m currently at 131. I started at 136. 

  10. Dizziness is down about 95% with the infrequent (rare) off balance feeling. 

  11. Pimples seem to come and go faster. I haven’t had any of those big subterranean ones in a while. 

  12. I don’t know if I’m imagining this, but I feel like my skin is healing faster. I get a cut and it’s gone in a few days. 

  13. My emotional stability is better than it’s ever been! I still get mad or annoyed, but I handle it better. I also am dealing with mild depression that really feels manageable and isn’t stopping me from getting things done. As I touched on above, I have a moderate, stress-overload, depression at the moment. It’s not as crippling as it used to be. It’s essentially, “why can’t I do everything?” depression.  


Cheating is an inherent part of all this. We're human. It’s not easy to be super strict with anything in life. It takes a practice and a while to adapt. In the early days, you do miss your old ways of eating. The bad ways. For me, cheating has manifested in grabbing a few french fries when they come with my food - even if I didn’t order them. I tell myself, “A few won’t hurt.” But it does. I suspect these “few“ fries have resulted in my weird mood and an increase in extra greasy zits. I also have a feeling it starts you back at zero. I try not to beat myself up about it and vow to do better. I don’t feel good when I eat bad food. Dealing with WHY you need to cheat is deep level emotional stuff. Most of us stress eat and I’ve been under stress. I have to remind myself french fries don’t actually make me feel better.


I’m good. I’m working, my mood is the best it’s been in years, and I have strength to (mostly) do the things I want to do. Occasionally, I still have to lay down, but it’s clearly not like it was. On the Carnivore diet you’re expected to eat loads of organ meats. I don’t. I have a hard time with them. I take a cod liver oil supplement and have started taking zinc and vitamin C as a test to see how I feel. I also take Magnesium/Calcium (Calm) before bed. I need to drink more water. Water is crucial on this diet. I will continue to work on my stress and go easy on myself. Being out in the world again is more strenuous than you think. It requires a slow, easy, re-entry. I will proceed with this diet as long as I feel good on it. As for the cough, I think I need to buckle down, stop being lazy and stop ordering meat from restaurants for a while. No more bacon. I need to drink more water. UPDATE: As of April 23rd, the cough has faded, although I still have a bit of phlegm in the back of my throat in the mornings and evenings before bed. 

Like everything, Carnivore requires tweaking. I wish it wasn’t so. I’m so tired of trying to figure everything all out. I suppose it’s because everyone is different and we all require different things. However, overall, things seem better in general and the stamina I’m getting is remarkable. I don’t expect Carnivore to be a magic bullet. Nor do I predict it will solve ALL of my issues. Most notably, what it’s done is get me out of bed and off the couch. The energy is awesome and being less inflamed is great. I also enjoy the mellow mood it causes. I can feel a major difference there. I’m under a lot of stress right now, but don’t feel like keeling over. To put it into perspective, the highest level of depression I felt with Lyme was a 10. What I have now is around a 2 or 3.


If you’re not able to eat nose to tail, supplements are necessary. I’m having trouble eating organ meats. I don’t like them. Full disclosure, I don’t always remember to take these daily. This is a journey and it’s imperative to be kind to yourself when you fuck up.

  • Cod liver oil

  • Vitamin C

  • Calcium Magnesium (Calm)

  • Zinc

  • Electrolytes in water


Compared to last month, not a whole lot has changed. Improvements are minor, but there are improvements.

  • *Hashimoto's - Resolved with thyroid meds pre-carnivore

  • Body shaking/vibrating - Have not noticed this month

  • Central serous retinopathy - Has not progressed

  • Seeing stars - Occasional, rare

  • Bags under eyes - Getting better

  • Ridges on nails - Unchanged

  • Bacterial Vaginosis - Resolved and then appears to be making a come back. Not sure why. Perhaps experimental introduction to dairy set if off. I'm off milk again.

  • Poor circulation - Improving

  • Hot flashes - Gone

  • Insomnia - Gone

  • Brain fog - Some days I'm a genius, others I can't remember basic shit. Definitely not as bad as it was. I'm having more "on" days where I can grasp new concepts and can remember my to do lists.

  • Body odor - Something ticked when I started lyme killing herbs in 2016 and my body chemistry went whack. Got a bit worse with carnivore. Gross, but improving.

  • *Shoulder acne - Don't ask me why I had acne only on my shoulders, but that's mostly gone

  • Bruise easily - Better

  • . Body shaking/vibrating - Have not noticed this month

  • Central serous retinopathy - Has not progressed

  • Seeing stars - Occasional, rare

  • Bags under eyes - Same

  • Ridges on nails - Unchanged

  • Bacterial Vaginosis - Unresolved

  • Poor circulation - Improving

  • Hot flashes - Gone

  • Insomnia - Gone

  • Brain fog - Feels 90% gone

  • Body odor - Back for some reason. I assume it’s detox.

  • *Shoulder acne - Small flare ups

  • Bruise easily - Improved

  • Lightheaded/dizzy - Occasional and light. No more episodes of vertigo.

  • Barometric pressure headaches - It rained most of March. Haven’t noticed a problem. BP used to flatten me out.

  • Digestive issues (diarrhea, constipation, dull and sharp pain) - Improving

  • Occasional (horrible) sharp pain in colon area - Gone

  • Daily headaches - Gone

  • Migraines (1-2 per month) - Have had a few low grade headaches that require medication

  • Sinus pressure - Mostly gone

  • Bleeding gums - Improving

  • Jaw pain (Mostly on left side) - Occasional, rare

  • Heart palpitations - Improved

  • Muscle twitching - Very infrequent

  • *Mild to severe anxiety - Gone

  • *Mild to severe panic attacks - Gone

  • Doom and gloom - Gone

  • Lyme Rage - Gone gone gone!

  • *Mild to severe fatigue - I’m still tired, but it’s more like how I was before my Lyme diagnosis. I can work and get things done.

  • Neck and scalp pain, tightness - Present this month

  • Sciatica pain (both sides) - Comes and goes

  • *Tinea versicolor (back, torso) - Gone (that went with meds)

  • Abnormal periods - Recent Period was lighter

  • *Costochondritis - Gone

  • *Pressure in sternum - Gone

  • Gas, bloating - 99% gone

  • Everything I eat seems to upset my stomach - Gone

  • Dry sinuses - Mostly gone

  • Blocked sinuses - Mostly gone, I can now breathe through both sides of my nostrils

  • *Sore throat left side (two weeks and counting) - Gone

  • Feeling as though food isn't going down fast enough, difficulty swallowing - Totally gone

  • Pressure in ears, a feeling of fluid - Mostly gone. Had a bit during recent full moon

  • Occasional pressure in head, a feeling of fluid - Mostly gone. Had a bit during recent full moon

  • Depression - Gone

  • Eye floaters - Mostly gone

  • Occasional odd smell in sinuses (sour) - Gone!

  • Babesia - IDK

  • Bartonella - IDK

  • Epstein Barr - IDK

  • Burning feet - Mostly gone

TL/DR - I continue to feel good and although improvements are minor, things are going well. I will continue to eat this way until it no longer serves me.