Infusio - One Year Later - The Carnivore Diet

Time to Read: 10-12 mins

In December 2018 I composed a long complaint about how I felt one year after Infusio. I deleted it. Long story short, I was nowhere near where I wished to be. During the holidays I had massive histamine reactions to EVERYTHING and was miserable. My entire body ached, and I was having a hard time justifying that I’d waited a full fucking year and didn’t feel much better. Truth? I felt a bit better. Not enough to live a normal life. I spent most of my days on the couch, my hormones were whacked, my periods were unusually heavy, and I was becoming increasingly discouraged. I was already on a restricted diet and everything I ate upset my stomach. I had diarrhea that wouldn’t quit. I was angry. An entire year and I didn’t have much to show for it. On rare days, I only spent 50% of my day on the couch, but I didn’t have good quality energy when I was up. I began thinking about next steps. It was clear I wasn’t one of the lucky ones. I would now have to delve into the complicated world of mast cell reactions, rare intolerances, genetics, autoimmune encephalitis, etc. And then I heard about the next, new phase of Infusio treatment called Exomes. When I saw the word posted on the Facebook stem boards I was like: No. Fuck no. Hell no. Don’t even! I could not entertain yet another Infusio treatment. I didn’t bother to read about it and still don’t even know what it is. There were plenty of people who improved with Infusio, didn’t do the home protocol, didn’t do ACT, and did not do Exomes. What the hell changed? Get it out of my face. No more. 

At the end of 2018 I was feeling hopeless. It was time to deal with reality: Infusio only got me so far and it wasn’t far enough. Not by a mile. I did not want to live my life with only a quarter of my normal energy, hypersensitive to everything, in chronic pain, and unable to eat. 



Around January 2019, my sister talked about “The Carnivore Diet.” I listened to her tell me about it, but it made no sense. How can you survive on only meat and water? It sounded like a boring death sentence. Around the holidays I upped my meat intake anyway - not because I wanted to become a carnivore. I realized it was the only thing not upsetting my stomach. I had one hamburger patty a day besides my normal grain-free, sugar-free, processed-free diet. After the patty, I didn’t feel sick or bloated. I wasn’t tired. The next week I had two plain meat meals a day. After two weeks I went all the way. Three meat meals a day. 

My pain subsided. My energy skyrocketed. Holy shit! I tried it for another week. No histamine reactions, great energy, no pain, brain fog lifted, my mood was amazing. It was like a miracle. I couldn’t believe it. I researched the diet and found an abundance of anecdotal evidence. It’s helping people! There were stories of people with Lyme and how they’d overcome it by switching to meat. It all sounded too good to be true.

SNAGS (some of which may be lyme and not the diet)

  • The adapting phase is like Keto-Flu - people are saying it can last anywhere from 3-6 months

  • The initial high has worn off, but I still have more energy than I did before Infusio

  • Digestion is wonky while my body gets used to it

  • Dry skin

  • Odd vibrations in head (once)

  • I don’t know how to cook meat and it’s sometimes frustrating

  • Buying meat. It’s gross.

  • Period fluctuating. 1st was great (less heavy, no cramps), 2nd was heavy, had big Lyme flare: Joint pain, lightheaded, mild anxiety, digestion pain, long emotional PMS, brain fog, vision static, very dry skin, return of costochondritis. This has been my normal for years.

  • It seems I can’t handle spices other than salt and pepper. Anything else and I get diarrhea.


  • Less pain

  • More premium quality energy

  • Haven’t had a migraine in over a month

  • Less susceptible to barometric pressure

  • No more bloating

  • Very little gas (TMI)

  • Sinuses are clear both sides

  • Feel satisfied when I eat

  • Lost 3 pounds (goes up and down)

  • No more insomnia. I go right to sleep at night

  • Overall Lyme symptoms have decreased (see list below)

  • My husband is cooking more!

  • No longer have to worry which ingredient in a meal is causing me issues. Was it the oil? The arugula? The olives? Pumpkin seeds? No more. If something upsets my stomach, I have a small list to check. It’s usually the spices.

The Massive List of Lyme Symptoms Post Carnivore

The majority of these symptoms were constant over the past five years.
*Asterisks indicate symptoms that had already improved before starting Carnivore.

  • *Hashimoto's - Resolved with thyroid meds pre-carnivore

  • HHV6 - IDK

  • Gluten intolerance - Who cares?

  • Dairy Intolerance - Still very active with milk and cheese. Eggs OK.

  • Eczema - Had disappeared pre-Lyme and returned a bit in December 2018, has improved and isn't bad

  • Candida - IDK, feels mostly gone

  • SIBO - Feels like it's improved

  • Inflammation - Way down

  • Constant health anxiety - Gone

  • Low cortisol - IDK

  • Low pregnenolone - IDK

  • Joint pain - Less

  • *Tongue tingling (kind of numb) - Gone

  • Throat feels tight - Gone

  • Puffy white tongue - Gone

  • Stomach pain (center, below ribs) - Gone

  • Pain in kidneys - Gone

  • Cold feet - Active

  • Pain in shoulders and left arm, elbow - Active, but less

  • Eye fatigue - Comes and goes as opposed to constant

  • Ringing in ears constantly - Active, less noticeable

  • Sweaty palms - Comes and goes

  • Dry skin - Active

  • *Shortness of breath, air hunger - Gone

  • 60. Body shaking/vibrating - Mostly gone, had a bunch of this in the first few weeks of diet change - felt like out of whack vagus nerve

  • Central serous retinopathy - Has not progressed

  • Seeing stars - Occasional, rare

  • Bags under eyes - Getting better

  • Ridges on nails - Unchanged

  • Bacterial Vaginosis - Resolved and then appears to be making a come back. Not sure why. Perhaps experimental introduction to dairy set if off. I'm off milk again.

  • Poor circulation - Improving

  • Hot flashes - Gone

  • Insomnia - Gone

  • Brain fog - Some days I'm a genius, others I can't remember basic shit. Definitely not as bad as it was. I'm having more "on" days where I can grasp new concepts and can remember my to do lists.

  • Body odor - Something ticked when I started lyme killing herbs in 2016 and my body chemistry went whack. Got a bit worse with carnivore. Gross, but improving.

  • *Shoulder acne - Don't ask me why I had acne only on my shoulders, but that's mostly gone

  • Bruise easily - Better

  • Lightheaded/dizzy - Mostly gone. No more episodes of vertigo.

  • Barometric pressure headaches - Improved

  • Digestive issues (diarrhea, constipation, dull and sharp pain) - Sharp pains are gone, others remain

  • Occasional (horrible) sharp pain in colon area - Gone

  • Daily headaches - Gone

  • Migraines (1-2 per month) - Haven't had one in a month

  • Sinus pressure - Mostly gone, discovered after 20 years I still CANNOT eat dairy

  • Bleeding gums - Mostly gone, gums are improving and are looking (dare I say) healthy. Before, felt like my teeth were loose

  • Jaw pain (Mostly on left side) - Gone

  • Heart palpitations - Improved

  • Muscle twitching - Very infrequent

  • *Mild to severe anxiety - Gone

  • *Mild to severe panic attacks - Gone

  • Doom and gloom - Gone

  • Lyme Rage - Gone gone gone!

  • *Mild to severe fatigue - Mostly gone. I spent 95% of my pre-Infusio days laying down. Post Infusio, I got to 50% of the day laying down.

  • Neck and scalp pain, tightness - Mostly gone

  • Sciatica pain (both sides) - Eh, comes and goes

  • *Tinea versicolor (back, torso) - Gone (that went with meds)

  • Abnormal periods - Recent Period was lighter

  • *Costochondritis - Gone

  • *Pressure in sternum - Gone

  • Gas, bloating - Mostly gone

  • Everything I eat seems to upset my stomach - Gone

  • Dry sinuses - Mostly gone

  • Blocked sinuses - Mostly gone, I can now breathe through both sides of my nostrils

  • *Sore throat left side (two weeks and counting) - Gone

  • Feeling as though food isn't going down fast enough, difficulty swallowing - Totally gone

  • Pressure in ears, a feeling of fluid - Mostly gone - dairy didn't help

  • Occasional pressure in head, a feeling of fluid - Gone

  • Depression - Gone

  • Eye floaters - Mostly gone

  • Occasional odd smell in sinuses (sour) - Gone!

  • Babesia - IDK

  • Bartonella - IDK

  • Epstein Barr - IDK

  • Burning feet - Mostly gone

TL/DR: This list demonstrates how the majority of my symptoms disappeared after switching to a carnivore diet.



When I was fifteen I became a vegetarian. I cut out all red meat. I was a bonafide member of Morrissey’s “Meat is Murder” club. In my early ‘20s I cut out poultry and dairy. I was devoted. I never cheated, and I accepted what I was doing was the best thing for me and the earth. I argued that vegetarianism was the best diet. I endured mockery and disdain. My Mexican family had a hard time coming to terms with my not eating chicharrones or carne asada. I held firm to my beliefs. I was right, they were wrong. Not to brag, but I was a vegetarian in the days before Garden Burgers. Most grocery stores didn’t even carry tofu.

Over the years I’ve had several doctors tell me I needed to eat meat. How dare they tell me what to do? They don’t know me! I should have listened. To be fair, I was a young kid with high ideals and an over-inflated sense of morality. I love animals and eating them was sickening. “Nothing with a face,” I used to say. I didn’t understand that consuming large quantities of (fruit and vegetable) FIBER was tearing up my gut or that carbs were sending me on a path toward diabetes. Why did I have stomach pain after eating kale? Why did alfalfa sprouts give me indigestion? The list of pain inducing vegetables was extensive. I could not eat soy or plant based products. The Impossible Burger made me bloated and gave me stomach pain for days. 

Vegetarianism/veganism/plant-based diets may work for some people. They don’t work for me. I have twenty-five years of personal experience on the matter. For me, vegetarianism was a blind chase down the wrong rabbit hole. Always pursuing “something else” to make the diet work. Always tweaking and hunting. I felt bad, but it couldn’t be the diet. Looking back, I feel like I was in a cult. If you told one of the Branch Davidians that David Koresh was a demented maniac, they could not (would not) believe you. They could not make the mental connection. Or telling a believer that God doesn’t exist. It’s not an option. God exists, and that’s that. I’m not saying people who believe in God are a cult, by the way. Vegetarianism was the same with me. I believed in a plant-based diet the way Branch Davidians believed in David Koresh. There was nothing anyone could say to sway me.

In over two decades, I never could understand why I didn’t feel good on a vegetarian diet. I felt like shit all the time, couldn’t lose weight, had low energy, was moody and irritated (sorry to all my former boyfriends), and physically fragile. In fact, my not being able to lift heavy things was a joke. I spent a lot of time researching herbs and supplements to make me feel better. I was one of the first people I know using tinctures and essential oils. Nothing worked. I thought, I have to keep looking. Something will turn up. Instead of dealing with the most obvious answer, I closed my eyes to the hard truth. I blamed my doctors or not taking high enough quality supplements. I needed to do more! So I spent the money. I saw naturopaths, bought expensive supplements, acupuncture, reiki, yoga, Pilates, hikes in nature, chiropractors, medical professionals, allergists. I blamed wheat, so I cut out wheat. I blamed all grains, so I cut out all grains. I blamed sugar and cut out sugar. I blamed fruit, so I cut out fruit. And all of this was before Lyme! After Lyme, I ran through the same ring-around-the-rosy and still ended up empty handed. So by the time I got to Carnivore, I’d tried everything, and I was desperate.


My Current Diet


Coffee, Eggs and bacon (or 1/4 lb ribeye)


Hamburger or lamb burger patty with butter


1/2 lb fatty ribeye or lamb chops - sometimes another patty if we’re strapped for time.


I went from taking upwards of 25-40 supplements a day to now taking potassium, magnesium, and cod liver oil

This is NOT perfect. It is ever-changing as I figure out what works for me.

Also known as “Zero Carb,” some call this “the ultimate elimination diet.” Most Lyme Literate doctors agree that sugar and carbs feed Lyme bacteria. Fruit is sugar. Quinoa is carbs. There is, if you’re interested, science on all this, but I don’t want to bore you or force it down your throat. For me, this has been my holy grail. It’s a complete turnaround and I feel like I am getting my life back. As you can see from the list above, it’s not 100% perfect, but I’m only a month in and I can function like a normal human being. I’m thinking about travelling. I’ve started physical therapy to regain my strength and rebuild the muscles that have atrophied in my back. 

this wasn’t an easy decision

I’ve been afraid to talk about this for a few weeks. As a former vegetarian, I know how people are. I know the dogma and I know all the arguments about saving the planet, animal cruelty, and industrial farming. Now that the brain fog has lifted, I realize just how much diet plays a role in our health. I don’t just realize it. I know it. That’s the difference. I once believed that vegetarianism was the way to go. How could it not be? Vegetables are fucking healthy. Right? Aside from the fact that vegan/vegetarian/plant-based is overly complicated, it’s filled with foods made to replicate meat. I now see it’s not for me and never was. If I retrace my lifelong health issues, most started in my teens and got worse right around the time I cut out all animal products. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I ask you to respect my journey. This was not an easy decision. The first time I ate meat I cried. I still have a hard time eating organ meats and if I think about the animal that died so I can live, I get kind of depressed. I only buy grass-fed meat from good sources. It costs more, but it’s worth it. I have to know the meat I consume had a nice life. Each meal is a gift. A gift of life. I was suffering, and I ended my suffering. I can no longer ignore that I need animal products in my diet. The extent of my recovery in just one month is obvious. 



I know a lot of Carnivores face scorn at consuming the rotted flesh of our Earth’s precious creatures. I get it. When I think about cows and lambs I get fuzzy feelings. So how can I eat them? I decided I didn’t want to die, that’s how. I was tired of hurting. I wanted to end my sickness. The more I thought about it, the more I investigated, the clearer it became. Humans have long survived on meat. My ancestors ate meat. It’s how they survived so I could be born. The trouble with eating meat isn’t the murder of animals. Animals eat animals and humans are animals. If you were out in the forest and you came across a hungry animal, you better believe it would eat you. Maybe not chipmunks, but definitely bears and wolves. For me, eating meat is a basic survival. The issue is industrial farming. The problem is abuse and chemicals and genetic engineering. But we’re evolved, right? We can elect not to eat meat. I chose for twenty-five years. I ate cardboard flavored Tofurkey every Thanksgiving for two-and-a-half decades. If I missed some magical trick to vegetarianism, then I’ll be the first to admit I was mistaken. Believe me when I say, I tried everything. I don’t want to go into how *monoculture plant-foods wreck the ground, leads to pesticide runoff, fertilizer runoff, desertification and kills many animals. Or how properly managed cattle actually builds topsoil, increases biodiversity, water retention and more. It’s a much longer conversation.


13 year old Matilda being adorable

13 year old Matilda being adorable

Around the same time I went Carnivore, I started making homemade raw food for my thirteen-year-old cat, Matilda. It involves chicken skins, thighs, hearts, livers, and grinding bones in a meat grinder. It’s revolting. However, she saw almost immediate results. Her coat is shiny, she has more vitality; she plays (she hasn’t played in years), and the white parts of her coat are white again. She RUNS up the stairs instead of moving slow like an old lady like she used to. Her mood has improved. She’s suffered with anxiety since she was a kitten and she’s more or less calm now. Canned cat food is shit and my baby deserves to eat her natural food. I should not ignore I now have stamina to prepare raw food for my cat. 

Let me end by saying, I’m not trying to convince YOU to go carnivore. I’m sharing what’s worked for me. I feel like a god-damn viking. A middle-aged viking who has just come back from a long sea voyage.

A special note to staunch Vegans:

I made the commitment to full veganism for around six months in 2010. You might think that’s not long enough. I was already more than halfway there. The final items I gave up to achieve full veganness were honey, gelatin, and cheese. I know and love many vegans. I understand and feel your empathic devotion. I know you love animals and the planet. I do too. We both have different ways of showing it. This is not your way, but it’s my way. I am not interested in being yelled at or engaged. Please respect that this is my journey. Imagine how hard it would be for you to eat meat. That’s what I went through out of sheer desperation. I hope you understand. You do you. Me do me. Thank you. 🖤

If you’re interested in learning more:

Infusio - Eight Months Later

I could not do an update in the past 5 months regarding my stem cell treatment. Not because I'm living a great life and just haven't had the time in between skydiving and water skiing. It's because I didn't want to share so-so news. I suppose it's time.

My goal post has always been to feel better than I did BEFORE I treated Lyme. How I felt in May 2016 when I took a train to Santa Fe by myself. I was dealing with mild fatigue and panic attacks. To be honest, I should set the goal a little higher. Like, how I felt before I got Lyme. That would be in Summer of 2013. So far, I have never felt that way. I have had short intervals of energy where I feel almost normal. But then it goes away and I'm stuck on the couch for days. Couch or bed. I alternate. It's almost as if I have a good day and then pay for it. It's hard to gauge when I will have a good day or how long it will last. Good days are sometimes good hours.

I recently attended my uncle's funeral. I had the energy to plow through the wake, the services, the burial, I went thrift store shopping with my sister. I wore heels to all the funeral events. This is important because I haven't been able to wear heels in years. I kept going for about a week solid. And then I crashed. Bad. It's been a week and I still haven't quite gotten back to that high state. In the week after my uncle's funeral, I have been exhausted, achy, dizzy, angry, hopeless, etc. To be fair, I did just attend a funeral for someone I care about. It's not just that. I feel like I'm going backward sometimes.

Is Infusio working? Who the hell knows. I have had more good days and up-energy than I ever have. I treated Lyme for a year with an LLMD and never felt this good. But the payback for whatever good energy I get is a bitch. I do not have my life back; I am not going out, I cannot do a day's work. Sometimes I can wash the dishes and pick up a little around the house. It's not much. It's not enough. I'm going through a rough patch but it makes sense considering the crazy week I've had.

I'm being told that it's still early days and I should be patient. I'm trying. I have not lost faith in the Infusio process, but it's difficult to stay positive when the results seem to be negligible. I'm thinking next steps. What if Infusio doesn't work? Is some energy better than none?

I am NOT doing the Infusio home protocol. I assume that if I talk to the Infusio doctors, they will tell me this is why I feel bad. I don't believe in the home protocol. The basic tenets are: Clear histamines, inflammation control, and detox. I already do those and have been. I also feel it's a one size fits all solution and I didn't feel good on it. I don't feel as though I am having histamine issues. Then again, who knows? Maybe it is and would help by taking something. I don't know.

Being transparent here, I am not doing anything. Not the home protocol, not even my daily supplements. I take a B-vitamin when I remember to. The supplements game was making me depressed, so I stopped. I think I got tired of it. I try to eat well. No wheat, dairy, low meat, no sugar, no processed foods, but my diet isn't great. The stress of the funeral has caused me to eat like a teenage boy (who can't eat gluten.) That is, I'll have dairy free, gluten-free vegetarian pizza. I have french fries about once a week. I also gave up rice, which has seemed to help some. I'm still not able to cook. I get tired heating a bowl of soup. I will say this, a few weeks ago I had a few pieces of French bread and I didn't feel like I was going to die. That's something. It goes without saying, some supplemental therapies might be helpful. Whether it's Meyers Cocktail or Hyperbaric chamber. I haven't felt like doing anything.

I am also at a weird emotional point where I'm not sure how much I should push myself. Pushing means payback. Or does it? I'm not confident in my abilities or if pushing myself is good or bad. Will it strengthen me or make me weaker? The analogy of a rollercoaster that Infusio gave me is accurate. It's up and down all day long. The ups and downs are exhausting. I may also have some PTSD from herxing. I don't want to herx so I avoid anything that might cause it. Last year (before Infusio) I had a catatonic herx that scared the shit out of me. I'd like to avoid that.

I have mental and emotional breakdowns. Sometimes it's just malaise and ennui. I have brain fog that feels like pieces of a puzzle are missing. I feel that my emotions (in general) are stifled somehow. I feel very apathetic, but I also get riled up easily. So, it's hard to tell. Looking back over the last few years, things seem a trifle better. Perhaps it's about redefining my new normal. I don't know what that means. I keep thinking I want to get back to where I was before Lyme, but maybe that's just not possible. I want energy. I want to go to Disneyland and be tired like a normal person. Yet, my being awake and lying on the couch makes me feel like I spent the day at Disneyland.

If you can't tell, I'm frustrated. I, like many people who went through Infusio, am hoping for a miracle. This is not a magic bullet and the small amounts of improvement I've had are not enough for me to jump for joy. There's no jumping yet. I can't tell if what I'm feeling is normal or what. I'm confused about everything. I don't quite know what to expect and I keep thinking there's something more I should do other than waiting for the Infusio process to take full effect. I hate waiting. A year is a long time. And now Infusio is saying that if we don't feel better in fifteen months to contact them. That's discouraging.

Make no mistake, whichever method you employ to heal Lyme, no one seems to be able to get well in under a year. At least, not people who already have reached the chronic stage. It's just frustrating. I'm over it. I want out.

So that's why I haven't posted. I feel like I'm just complaining and I need to be patient. But I feel like stomping my feet. Except, I don't have the energy to do that.

I am more than happy to communicate and answer questions (if I can). I also post updates on InstaStories. Thanks for reading and stay well!

Infusio - Three Month Update

At three months post stem cells at Infusio, I can best describe my experience as confusing,  frustrating, and slow.

During the first 100 days, Infusio wants you to lie low, take it easy, and begin the home protocol. Note: The home protocol comprises herbs, supplements, and home therapies. I'm at around 90 days post-Infusio and it's been a very confusing time. The home protocol has already changed once since I left Infusio and there have been several small updates - ones you would not know about unless you follow all the Facebook groups (links below).

I have not done a good job with the home protocol. Some people online have complained about increasing symptoms and histamine reactions so I've procrastinated. Some of them are hard to get a hold of. The purchase of Infusio's brand of supplements must be done via their website. It submits a form and you have to wait for someone to call you. I missed the call twice because they called my husband's number and not mine. It took about two weeks to get them - although they shipped quickly. These supplements are created by Infusio for Infusio patients. I don't know if they're better, I just bought them. Infusio also recommended other brands found online, but have started making their own. I figure, everyone's in the supplement business, but these appear to be cleaner versions for around the same prices. The jury's out if they help or not.

What to take and what not to take is a constant source of stress. Infusio doesn't want you taking any unnecessary pills, supplements, or detoxes. What's necessary? I have no idea. I take what they tell me to take. Can I take Vitamin C? How about charcoal? Alka Seltzer Gold? Everything I usually take is now a question mark. Can I take an Epsom bath? How about a lymph massage? Literally everything, I've had to ask Infusio or post on the boards.

As for how I'm feeling...there have been minor improvements, but it's had to tell if it's me being over it and pushing myself - or the actual stem cells. Let's vote stem cells. I admit I have been pushing myself a little more. I'm forcing myself to be out of bed more. And it's up and down. Some days I'm so tired I lay on the couch or in bed all day, others (like today) I have good energy and feel energetic until I run out of steam and collapse. I am not close to being back to normal. On Saturday, I cleaned the dead leaves out of our three medium ficus trees and it took me down hard for two days. I felt like I'd run a marathon.

Most days I spend about 50% of my day laying down. I split the other 50% between reading, listening to podcasts, writing, watching movies, napping, thinking about things, starring at the walls. Some days I'm laying down 75%, 100%, no percent. It changes from day to day. On good days, I'm up and about, but I feel like a zombie.

  1. I'm napping harder. Before stems, I couldn't sleep and would knock out for 5/10 minutes. Now I go down for a good hour almost every day. It's a hard "dead to the world" kind of sleep.

  2. I still have insomnia at bedtime.

  3. I've had less intense dizziness.

  4. My husband thinks my mood has improved. I still feel blue, but not super dark like I was before. I'd best describe it as "bummed out" all the time with short reprieves here and there.

  5. I still have constant pain in my joints, but muscle twitching is way down.

  6. Eye floaters and sparkles are still an issue.

  7. I haven't had a migraine in over a month.

  8. Head pressure comes and goes.

  9. Tinnitus is unchanged. Hearing does that thing where it drops out for a second and comes back ringing.

  10. My circulation is inconsistent. Some days it feels like it's cut off in my legs, others it's fine.

  11. My digestion has improved (consistency wise) but not in absorption. I have lower abdomen bloating that started at week 11 and hasn't let up. I've gained about 5 pounds.

  12. The texture of my face skin seems to have improved, but that may be because I no longer wash my face with water. I use micellar water. It's less dry, anyway.

  13. Last week I had such bad eye fatigue (for 4 days) I couldn't do anything at all. Not even watch TV.

  14. Little things are improving, but I'm still exhausted all the time. Too tired to operate like a normal human being.

Every day is a roll of the dice. I'm not bothering to write this stuff down or chart it. It's so erratic. appears things are moving in a positive direction. I will say, I am not taking my supplements with any regularity. I forget to. Maybe that's a good thing. It's still way early in the game, but because I'm seeing TINY improvements, it's allowing me to stay hopeful. I should note my symptoms were at their worst when I was herxing on Byron White herbs. I no longer take them (per Infusio instructions) and I now feel a little worse than I did before I started treating Lyme.

In middle May I'm going back to Infusio to do the ACT program. It's a 4-day treatment and I will once again blog the day-to-day stuff. Hopefully, I will feel well enough to do so. If you have questions, email me or post comments below.


Infusio - Seven Week Update

I'm just about two months out. Here's what's been going on...

The first month was difficult. I had the same amount of pain and felt frustrated. A few weeks ago, I got a nasty head cold that had me in bed for a few days. I was blind-sided with volcanic emotions during this time, lots of crying, feeling angry. It was your average head cold and ended in about 5 days and was only bad for two.

My energy is up. If I had to assign a percentage, I'd say it's about 5% up on good days. I still get winded going upstairs, I can't do very much without getting tired. I still have all the same symptoms as before Infusio, plus some new ones.

  1. Body temperature fluctuations (cold and hot extremities)

  2. Migraines/headaches

  3. Visual disturbances (blurry, floaters, dryness, fatigue, light sensitivity)

  4. Digestion issues (slow, constipation, loose, abdominal pain, cramping, noise, gas)

  5. Muscle twitching

  6. Hands shaking

  7. Joint and muscle pain

  8. Insomnia (this is new). Every day since Infusio. I feel creepy-crawly before bed and have a hard time falling asleep.

  9. Vertigo - Constant sense of feeling off balance with intermittent loss of balance. I've never fallen over, though.

  10. Eczema. From 2006 to 2009 (pre-lyme) it covered me head to toe. I got rid of it, but it's coming back, between the webbings of my fingers. Dry, red, itchy, pustules. Eczema and rashes have never been a symptom of my Lyme. I got Lyme in 2013.

  11. Skin dryness

  12. Breakouts (face, neck, shoulders, back)

  13. Sinus pressure

  14. Throat feeling tight

  15. Pain in sternum

  16. Tinnitus

  17. Mild air hunger

  18. Random red rashes

  19. My gums are FUBAR

  20. Sleeping during the day (this is new)

  21. Sore throats

  22. Post-nasal drip

  23. Fingertips pruning

  24. Hearing sensitivity

  25. My eyesight seems worse



My anxiety at the moment is less. I went from having "Call 911" panic attacks to feeling only slightly anxious. My energy is better. Before, I couldn't force myself to do anything. Now I can. I can do things for about 5-10 minutes before I break a sweat and have to stop. I've been reading, playing piano, painting, and writing. This is all great. I couldn't even read before; my eyes would get blurry and I couldn't hold a book up. Like I said, before Infusio, I couldn't even force myself to do 5 minutes of anything. Although I still need to lie down quite a lot, I don't have to lie down ALL day.

Now, it's still early days and Infusio has warned me that this is a roller coaster. I take the good with the bad. Some days I can't even play piano or read. Some days I'm in bed all day. Infusio has been sending out videos to helps us get through the first three months. They contain helpful tips on what to do and what to expect. The most recent one said I can now engage in light exercise. I will do light yoga at home.

Going out is still a challenge. I leave the house twice a week. Fridays I have my therapy sessions, Sundays we have brunch with my sister. Those both wear me out. When I come home, I have to take a nap.

So yes, things are moving in a positive direction. Note, this improvement in energy has arrived only in the last few weeks. Before that, I was pretty beat up and exhausted. The first two weeks after Infusio were grueling energy-wise.

I hope this covers it. If you have questions, please ask. I'll help as best I can.

Note: Everyone wants to know if Infusio is worth it. It's hard for me to gauge at the moment. I'm leaning yes, but only time will tell. I'll update again soon. I want to do a post that has tips for those going to Infusio. Stay tuned.