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A Few Words - Coming Soon

In the early 2000s, before podcasting was a thing, I had a podcast. I played deep cuts, underground bands, B-sides, and announced music news. I ran it for about a year and loved every minute of it. Occasionally, I'll dig out the old audio files and listen to myself being nervous, talking to the five or so people who listened. It was maybe more than five, but it never went viral or anything. Back then, podcasting was difficult to do, there weren't a lot of tools, and no one understood the appeal.

Things fade out, especially when your passion projects don't pay the bills, so I got a real job. But since then, I've dreamt about doing another podcast and lately, I've been thinking about filling a void, wondering what's missing, and how I could contribute to the slew of podcasts already out there. What could I possibly say that would matter? As the founding editor of a lovely little literary journal, I get to interact with authors and poets every day. The majority of Five South contributors are just starting out and this feels like an untapped area. Everyone wants to talk to George Saunders. No offense to Mr. Saunders, he's great, but there's this whole world of emerging authors and poets who submit like crazy, write like mad, and put their hearts into it, living the dream, winning awards, and getting published. I want to know what makes them tick, who they are at home, and what the hell gets them out of bed everyday. The pandemic was hard on a lot of writers who felt unmotivated and dried up. I'm one of them. I can't remember the last time I wrote something new I cared enough about to submit. I have a theory that talking to other writers will motivate me - and I'm probably not alone.

No offense to interviewers, but I'm so tired of the five generic questions sent by email routine. I yearn for the days of Dick Cavett who talked with smart people about smart things, made it funny, and made no distinction between a law professor and David Bowie. John Lennon was as interesting as a librarian of Congress. I'm no Dick Cavett but my heart's in the right place and it'll be fun.

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